Optimistic themes.

What we need!


Primarily collecting messages. To publish!

If you want to write about the various Modernized.media modern themes for a site or magazine, be in touch!

Write the next message.

Play the next one.

Write the next insightful comment.

Write the next inspiring statement.

Write the next optimistic idea.

Write the next idealistic message.

Purpose & Mission:

To advance the planet.
To better humanity.
To make this a great & inspiring world.

To change the world.
To create a great community.
A world community.

Inspiring reading.
To develop a foundation that pays in, to the future.

To advance humanity. To further mankind.

What we need!






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If you want to write about the Modernized.media themes for a magazine, please be in touch!

These projects appreciate writers who write! Inspiring, poignant, messages… Writing that inspires & makes these popular mainstream destinations for daily meaning, value & inspiration.

Those who develop a consistency of writing using their screen name may advance to the next level & develop a relationship.

This project deserves an awesome amazing community to match, in a cohesive theme of bettering the world & life around us. Planet wide. Why not, right? This is #optimism #idealism

Your screen name is something you make up, is generally recognizable, for instance, J111.

These projects are looking for longterm writers who write really inspiring, concise material & make this great.

Just write, develop a consistency with your screen name, understand what this is about & make it happen! Make some magic happen.

Looking forward to longterm relationships to develop and potentially put forth a very fair model. Meaning, writer deals may receive fair, sometimes generous compensation. That is the idea, & nothing is promised at this time.

Your best bet, as a writer, is posting consistently, developing your screen name, making your screen name stand out with poignant, articulate, intelligent, interesting reading & writing.

Thank you for giving this a chance, making the magic happen. This is about optimism. This is about working together, & changing the world.









55% Causes.

For a select group of titles, 55% of earnings go to causes.

55% of income, income generation. 55%, when sold. 55%, for #nfts, of 55% of 10% royalty.

75% Causes.

For a select group of titles, 75% of earnings go to causes.

75% of income generated. 75%, when sold. 75%, for #nfts, of the 10% royalty rate.

Meaningful causes.

Cause 1.


Shared purpose: Ending homelessness. Home the world. Home to everyone who wants one. Homes around the world. Beautiful homes. (Good nutrition.)

Cause 2.

Hollywood Food Coalition.

Shared purpose: Giving food to those who are hungry. Who could use a meal. Who’d appreciate a meal. Who might not have otherwise had a meal. Ending hunger has a cause. Good nutrition to all. (Beautiful homes.)

Cause 3.

Voters of Tomorrow.

The younger generation is critical to getting this world to the ideal planet. They are more aware about realistic truths, and taking action is critical.

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Select themes,
50%,75% to causes.